3G Cardio Elite Runner – Review: Best CLUB-RATED Treadmill For Home

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Not all treadmills are created equal. If you are reading this review then you are most likely a serious or aspiring athlete. Chances are that you have been comparing and contrasting equipment from an almost endless number of competitors in the home exercise equipment market. Look no farther because the 3G Cardio Elite Runner is the ultimate club-rated treadmill in its price range. If you are looking for a machine that will provide you with everything you could possibly need in a treadmill workout then please read on.

  • Product: 3G Cardio Elite Runner
  • Biggest Selling Point: Performance
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Pros: Top Performer, Great Customer Service, Excellent Residential Warranty
  • Cons: Pricey, Takes up a lot of space, Cumbersome Assembly
  • My Overall Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Who Is This Machine For?

This treadmill is for serious runners that want a complete home workout on a machine that offers best-in-class features, versatility, and durability. It is designed to take you to the next fitness level, no matter where you are in your training program. It is also an excellent choice for many types of physical rehabilitation in people with acquired or developmental disabilities.

Three Key Features And Benefits To Consider

3G Cardio Elite Runner - Key

It Entertains You While You Exercise – This machine makes your workout fun by adding a built-in surround sound speaker system that connects to your phone or tablet to stream your favorite workout music or movies. The audio is full-sounding to keep you motivated and fully engaged in your exercise program.

It is Versatile And Easy To Use – For all it does, the 3G Cardio Elite couldn’t be easier to use. It features one-touch speed and incline controls, exercise program presets, and three-screen LCD display to track things like heart rate (with heart rate control), distance, and interval training parameters like calories burned. The oversize 22″ X 62″ running area gives plenty of space and can accommodate a user weight of up to 400 pounds.

It Keeps You Healthy And Saves Money – This machine can save you plenty of money in the long run on the cost of pricey gym memberships. Its built to last and comes with a limited lifetime residential warranty and excellent customer service. This is probably the last treadmill you will ever need to buy. Walking and running are a great way to optimize your weight and keep your body aerobically fit. This can save you money on sick visits to your doctor and medications. Regular use will also help keep your bones strong.

You Get What You Pay For

3G Cardio Elite Runner -cash3GCardio has upgraded this machine with an “Ortho Flex” shock suspension system and thicker treadmill belt for extra exercise comfort. Three-inch rollers give your workout a smooth feel. It has a Club-Rated 4 HP DC Motor that can provide a 1 MPH acceleration in 1.5 seconds. It has a maximum running speed of 12 MPH with an up to a 15% incline.

The running console has eight pre-programmed work-out programs and two custom programs. The controls and display screens are laid out logically and are easy to operate. Information visibility is excellent, even under bright or dim lighting conditions. It has multi-speed fans for an effective sweat-down. This treadmill has everything you need to achieve all the health benefits of a comprehensive aerobic exercise routine.

Computer-controlled features include:

  • Eight exercise program modes: Ramp-Speed, Ramp-Incline, Interval-Speed, Interval-Incline, Hill-Speed, Hill-Incline, Peak-Incline, And Peak-Speed
    • It also has a Quick Start, Cool Down, and Manual Mode
  • Exercise course modes: Ramp, Interval, Peak, & Hill
  • Automatically calculates BMI (body mass index), BMR (basal metabolic rate), and BFR (body fat ratio)
  • Heart Rate Based Training programs:
    • Fat Burn – Helps maximize weight loss
    • Aerobic – Helps maximize the aerobic benefit

Hybrid Warranty – This treadmill has one of the best warranties in the business with world-class customer and technical support via email and toll-free telephone:

  • Residential – Lifetime motor and frame, 10 years parts, 2 years in-home labor
  • Commercial – Five years motor and frame, 5 years parts, 1 year on-site labor

Return Policy – You may return the treadmill within 30 days of delivery in its original packaging for a full refund.

Here is an informational video from the manufacturer:

For a copy of the owner’s manual go here.

A Few Things To Consider Before Buying

This unit is pricey and may not be for beginners or those looking for a treadmill to provide a basic exercise experience in a more casual fashion. It does not fold up and takes up a lot of space at 84″ L X 35.5″ W X 58″ H, making it more ideally suited for a spacious home gym. If you have limited-space living accommodations, like a small apartment, placement may be an issue. Although it is built to last, it is heavy and a bit cumbersome to assemble at 386 pounds. Although the running deck comes pre-assembled, assembly is best done with two people. The running deck (main body-base frame) needs to be connected to the upper console as well as to a pair of console masts, handlebars, and side covers. This is done with 3 Allen wrenches and an M5 wrench, which are all included with the treadmill.

Final Thoughts3G Cardio Elite Runner - Final Thoughts

This club-rated treadmill can provide the ideal workout for every type of runner. It has the most complete set of standardized running settings and body-metric-calculated exercise functions that I have seen in a machine in this price range. It does a great job of intelligently increasing your workout by using your weight, height, and real-time heart rate measurements. If you want workouts that are always challenging and evolve to suit your needs from a machine that has the power to get it all done but looks good in any room of your house then look no further. It is an outstanding investment in your health that should last you a lifetime.

I love this treadmill and strongly recommend that you purchase the 3G Cardio Elite.

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3G Cardio Elite Runner


Product Functionality




Overall Quality



  • Top Performer
  • Great Customer Service
  • Excellent Warranty


  • Pricey
  • Large Footprint
  • Cumbersome Assembly

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2 thoughts on “3G Cardio Elite Runner – Review: Best CLUB-RATED Treadmill For Home”

  1. Hey mate, I’m training for a marathon early next year but I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to train. I need something I can do at home and this seems like a great option. I know the price is a bit steep but that’s okay because I want quality and nothing but the best. I’ve been running for many years and so I want to obliterate this race and win. Do you think this would be good for marathon training? Thanks.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for the inquiry. The 3G Cardio Elite is the best treadmill available for the money. It has a great warranty and the customer service is excellent. It is really built to last. Marathon training is definitely achievable through its various programming options. I think you will love this machine!


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