Breville Juicer JE98XL – Review: Juice Your Way To A Healthy Diet!

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OVERVIEW – The Breville Juicer JE98XL is a competitively priced juicer that is powerful enough to handle large chunks of hard fruits and vegetables. High-grade polymer construction makes it durable. It is easy to operate and produces large quantities of tasty and nutritious juice. Cleanup is quick and easy, with dishwasher safe parts. All juicer components that come in contact with food and juice are BPA-Free. It has an easily manageable footprint at 13.2 X 16.5 X 18.2 inches and weighs 9.92 pounds. The base has a power cord wrap feature for easy storage.
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  • Product: Breville Juicer JE98XL
  • Biggest Selling Point: Easy use and cleanup
  • Warranty: One year- limited
  • Pros: Powerful, easy to use and clean
  • Cons: Must be thoroughly cleaned after each use
  • My Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Who Is The Breville JE98XL For?

If you want to make your own juice but are still searching for something that will extract about 90% of each fruit and vegetable’s goodness then the Breville JE98XL is for you. This machine is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the healthy benefits of the juicing lifestyle but don’t want a juicer that is overly complicated to use or clean. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

How It Works

Using the Breville JE98XL is really straight forward and this unit has the power to spare with all the necessary safety features to prevent injury. Just turn on the juicer and place your vegetables and fruit into the feed chute. Use the pusher to slowly guide food down into the machine. Pulp will begin to accumulate in the pulp container and the juice flows into the juice jug. It produces maximum juice extraction by utilizing a patented direct central feed system.

Features And Benefits

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Heavy duty 850 watt motor
  • Two speeds. Low speed (6,500 RPM) for softer fruits and leafy green vegetables like cantaloupe and spinach. High speed (12,000 RPM) for harder fruits and vegetables like apples and beets.
  • Patented “Nutri Disc” extracts more nutrients than other juicers with less heat to protect essential enzymes and increase nutrient absorption.
  • Powerful cutting disc that can juice pineapple in large chunks with the skin on.
  • Extra-wide 3 inch feeder chute to accommodate extra large chunks or entire pieces of fruits and vegetables
  • Large capacity pulp container
  • One liter (34 fl. oz.) juice jug with froth separator
  • One year – Limited Warranty

Fresh Juice Is Good For What Ails You

Juicing removes the fiber from fruits and vegetables, which can allow your body to absorb nutrients better. However, if you juice, then consider adding another source of fiber to your diet. Drinks made from fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can boost your immune system. For more info see Foods High In Antioxidant – Eating Smart For Better Health.

Many people have used fresh juice to help digestive problems, remove toxins from their body, and aid in weight loss. My wife used the Breville JE98XL to effectively help her symptoms when she was having a problem with her gallbladder. Having a diet rich in fresh juice may lower your risk of cancer, and research studies are currently in progress to shed more light on this topic. If you have a history of medical problems then consult a qualified healthcare provider before consuming vegetable and fruit juice on a daily basis.

Juicing Can Save You Money

The Breville JE98XL easily pays for itself by saving money on the cost of expensive store bought juices. If you have a big family and juice daily then take advantage of this machine’s processing capacity and buy large quantities of fruits and vegetables that are on sale. Vegetable juices tend to be less expensive to make than fruit juices. Buy ingredients that give you the most juice. Vegetables like celery, beets, and carrots; or citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and pineapples are all good choices.

Lots To Like About This Juicer

This juicer is made to do the job and has a “solid feel” to it but will also look great in your kitchen. It is powerful enough to easily juice whole large apples, oranges, and pears in seconds. Breville has great phone and on-line technical support and will quickly ship you any required replacement parts, should the need for service ever arise. If you buy it from Amazon you can purchase a 3 or 4 year protection plan for less than $30 and pay for the juicer interest-free over six months with an Amazons Rewards Card.

Cleanup Is Easy But Needs To Be Done Routinely

Proper cleanup is critical to keep any juicer working properly and to prevent the buildup of shredded material. The Breville JE98XL is easy to disassemble and comes with a cleaning brush that will easily loosen and remove processed food. All parts are top shelf dishwasher safe, except for the mesh filter basket/Nutri Disc and the food pusher.

Like all centrifugal juicers, this unit must be thoroughly cleaned after every use. Use the brush to carefully remove all debris off the stainless steel filter basket and blade disk. If the machine begins to produce less juice, then soak the filter basket and blade in a solution of water and 10% lemon juice or vinegar. This will make your juicer work like new again.

Final Thoughts

Breville is a top name in the small appliance market. There are many juicers available for home and commercial use and you can easily pay thousands of dollars for a machine that will not provide you with additional functionality or advantages. The Breville JE98XL is an excellent choice for both the beginner and the experienced juicer. It is a well-built machine that will easily get the job done and provide you with many years of service. I love all my Breville appliances and I buy this brand whenever I can.

I highly recommend that you pick up your own Breville JE98XL.

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2 thoughts on “Breville Juicer JE98XL – Review: Juice Your Way To A Healthy Diet!”

  1. Right article on the spot! I’m helping my mother to look for a great review of fruit and juice blender drink but I just couldn’t find one.

    Your article has provided every detail of Breville Juicer JE98XL, and how people could benefit from it.

    Great job, my friend! I’ve bookmarked this article for later use.

    But is there any other cheaper alternatives for Breville Juicer JE98XL?

    • Hi Zac,

      I’m glad that you found this article informative. I own this juicer and it consistently does a great job on all vegetables and fruits. If your mother wants to spend less than you should look at the Breville BJE200XL, which Amazon is currently selling at $99.95. It has a smaller motor (700 Watt) and a smaller juicing capacity but you can’t beat the price. You really can’t go wrong with Breville products.



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