5 Awesome Himalayan Salt Lamp Health Benefits – Feel Happy And Young Again!

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Everyone wants to improve their overall health and sense of well-being. One of the most effective approaches is to purify the air in your home or working environment. Learn about the 5 Himalayan salt lamp health benefits and how they can make you feel happy and young again.

What Is A Himalayan Salt Lamp?A photo of a confused woman.

A Himalayan salt lamp is essentially composed of salt that is mined from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. The salt is attached to a stand and is light up from the inside by a small light to produce a warm glow. They are used decoratively and to treat a variety of ailments.

The salt is typically reddish-pink but can also be off-white. Himalayan salt has been used for “finishing” a dish in fine cooking for many years, due to its pretty color and the subtle but interesting taste it can receive from other minerals in the salt.

Salt lamps are typically small in size, which allows them to be conveniently placed out of the way on furniture. Some floor lamps can weigh several hundred pounds due to the size of the salt chunk and the base required to support them.

A photo of a man thinking.How It Works

The lamp has been said to work by naturally emitting negatively charged ions that “purify” the air by binding to positively charged “pollutants”. Positively charged ions are abundant in things like pollen, mold, and pet dander. When the molecules of various types of pollutants and toxic chemicals carry an overall positive ionic charge then they can be effectively neutralized by the lamp.

The larger the size (and therefore the mass) of the salt, the more negatively charged ions are emitted. Although there are many devices available that emit negatively charged ions electronically, the Himalayan salt lamp provides a more natural approach.

There are many opinions and schools of thought regarding the function of the light inside the lamp. Some people believe that shining light through the salt accelerates the process of negative ionic emission, while others consider it decorative and claim to achieve the same beneficial results with the light turned off.

Five Great Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

An image of the number five.Millions of people use Himalayan salt lamps for a variety of reasons. I have used one for years and find it to have a very calming effect on my mood whenever I am in the same room with it for a short period of time, even with its light turned off.

There are no scientific studies that objectively show beneficial effects from low density negatively charged ion emission. Despite this, they continue to be extremely popular and continue to be backed by the testimonies of devout users (not just sellers) with regard to the following benefits.


1. Neutralization Of Electromagnetic Radiation – Frequent and chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation has long been thought to cause or worsen a variety of illnesses, including cancer and memory loss (dementia). For more information on dementia see Improve Memory Loss – Supercharge Your Mind!

This concept has been well studied and proven to be correct. Things like microwave ovens and cell phones that are in close proximity to our bodies are thought to be common offenders.

Himalayan salt lamps may weaken the deleterious effect of electromagnetic radiation on our health by emitting negatively charged ions and actually trapping some of the radiation inside the salt lattice structure (particularly in the case of very large lamps).

2. Air Purification – The negative ions produced by these lamps are believed to purify the air by cleansing and deodorizing it. Some people say they can actually smell the difference in the air quality in a small room that contains one or more lamps. There is no objective data relating to salt lamp air purification, although this has been studied for electronic equipment that produces a higher-density (more charges in a given volume of air) of negative ions.

3. Improvement Of Cough – Some people believe that chronic inhalation of high-density positively charged ions can cause the hairs (cilia) that line part of the upper respiratory system and tubes that bring oxygen to the lungs to become sluggish and inefficient at removing airborne contaminants. There are no medical studies to verify this concept but many people have claimed that salt lamps have significantly improved their symptoms of chronic cough, allergies, and asthma.

4. Increased Energy – Many people have reported an overall increase in energy, even among those who are young and sleep well. Most claims are made after the continuous use of salt lamps for a prolonged period of time. Increased energy is one of the most frequently cited and valued benefits of using a salt lamp. Some advocates have claimed that increases in energy are rated to the ability of these lamps to increase blood flow to the brain.

5. Mood Stabilization, Better Sleep, And Increased Concentration – Himalayan salt lamps are believed to improve overall mood by increasing the release of a neurotransmitter in the brain called serotonin to reduce anxiety and improve depression. For additional information see How To Deal With Depression Alone – A Rejuvenating Self-Help Guide.

Salt lamps have also been associated with improved duration and quality of sleep as well as an overall increase in daytime concentration and physical performance. If you have a problem with insomnia then please check out Natural Ways To Help With Sleep – Feeling Refreshed Every Morning!

Where To Put Your LampA photo of a compass and a map.

1. Close To Electronic Devices – Consider placing a salt lamp in proximity to devices like wireless routers and computers, or in the kitchen next to your microwave oven. Your lamp may help lessen your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. If you sit close to your television then put a lamp next to it, especially if it is one of the older models that has a picture tube.

If you live next to an electrical plant, electrical sub-station, or a mobile phone tower then you may be getting exposed to significant levels of electromagnetic radiation. Consider using a series of larger lamps throughout your home, especially if you stay there for long periods of time each day.

2. In The Bedroom – Place your salt lamp close to you on the night table in your bedroom. You can shut the light off inside it so that it is not too bright or distracting. The lamp may have a soothing effect on you and help you to fall asleep sooner as well as stay asleep longer. It may make your sleep less fragmented and you could feel more refreshed upon awakening in the morning.

3. Where You Exercise – If you have a home gym or place where you routinely exercise then a salt lamp may improve your workout by increasing blood flow to your muscles and sharpening your concentration. Some people have claimed to be able to exercise longer with less soreness when their salt lamp is in close proximity.

4. In Places Of Mediation Or Worship – Himalayan salt lamps have been used to assist in focusing concentration while relaxing the mind. This could make them well suited to pursuits like mediation, worship, yoga, and Tai Chi. You may find that the lamp increases your level of spirituality and oneness with your world. For additional information related to this topic please see Mind Relaxation Techniques – A Healthy Escape From Reality.

5. At Locations That Harbor Negative Energy – Although substances like sage are utilized more frequently, salt lamps have been used by mediums, spiritualists, and paranormal investigators to balance or neutralize negative energy. Those who specialize in this practice claim that a salt lamp may be useful when negative energy or a “paranormal presence” is sensed or becomes bothersome in a particular location. Despite the fact that the legitimacy of such a practice cannot be scientifically substantiated it may be something to consider if you are open to such practices.

Here is an excellent video on Himalayan salt lamps by Hibiscus Moon:


Here is the Himalayan salt lamp that I use at home, which works great for me!

I highly recommend you purchase this lamp!

Final ThoughtsImage of a brain inside a lightbulb.

Himalayan salt lamps have been used throughout the ages in one form or another. Although there is little, if any, objective evidence to support their use many people find them helpful for a variety of ailments and to simply improve their overall sense of well-being. If nothing else, you make find that salt lamps add decorative value to your home. Good quality lamps are available in stores or on-line at reasonable prices, which makes them an attractive option for adding a new experience to your life.

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4 thoughts on “5 Awesome Himalayan Salt Lamp Health Benefits – Feel Happy And Young Again!”

  1. Oh…. I fell in love with Himalayan salt lamp years ago. I was gifted by my mother in law who loves salt lamp and any kind of stones.

    I leave it on my bedside and just by turning the lamp on, you can feel the energy is so different.

    While I was pregnant I couldn’t walk much at my third trimester and I always stay by the lamp and it was so calm and soothe my heart. 

    • Hi Jaime,

      Thank You for your excellent comments. I glad that you find your salt lamp useful.

      It does sound strange but I can also feel the difference in positive energy after sitting beside my lamp for awhile. I was justifiably suspicious when I first purchased this product. Many people miss out on the benefits of these lamps because they think it is “just another money-making gimmick”. That God I had an open mind and gave it a try. I will probably buy a much bigger lamp for my living room this year.


  2. I’ve never had or tried one but would be open to using one for a month and monitoring feelings, sleep, head and well-being as there is a possibility that they do work and even if they didn’t, I’d have a soothing night light.  I’d be a little sceptical about buying one in case companies have also jumped on board, using the same details and end up selling you a bulb in a crystalized cover!  I’d have to be wary and buy from a trusted seller. 

    I also believe the reason why I’d be a little open to using them is because of the effects that “Vicks” vapours can have on you when you’re over a bowel with a towel over your head or sucking on a herbal or a “Jakeman’s” sweet.  These methods really help me breathe easily for a while and clear what was a stuffy nose and they’re just sweets and liquid form.  It’s easy for us, as humans to dismiss anything we don’t understand and there are a lot of businesses out there flogging off any kind of health-helping products, so it’ll always be a fine line and I won’t know until I try myself, but. . . I’m certainly not in a rush to buy one.  Great article though, gets you talking.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I hope you’ll try one. It always relaxes me and puts me in a better mood, even with the light off  🙂



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